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Fresh Pork Cuts:

Pork Chops $5.00/lb (2 per package)

Smoked Chops $8.13/lb (2 per package)

Pork Tenderloin $6.68/lb

Pork Steak $3.60/lb (2 per package)

Ribs Plain $5.89/lb (aprox. 1lb packages)

Ribs Spiced $6.64/lb (aprox. 1lb packages)

Pork Roast $5.16/lb (3-5lb packages)

Back Bacon $12.62 (aprox. 1/2lb packages) 

Bacon Slice $9.87 (aprox. 1/2-3/4lb packages)

Ground Pork $5.00 (aprox. 1lb packages) 

Ham Products:

Ham Roast $4.13/lb (2-4/lbs)

Ham Slice $6.27/lb (approx. 1-2lbs)

Sandwich Meat Ham $10.16 (approx. 1-2lbs)

Ham Hocks $5.73 (1 per package)

Brochettes $9.66/lb

Apple Pork Roast $6.89/lb

Capicola Pork Steak $9.53/lb

Fresh Sausages (four per package):  

Not-Smoked all $5.16/lb


Honey Garlic

Mild Italian 

Hot Italian


Breakfast Sausage 


Smoked Sausage:


Maple $8.85/lb

Octoberfest $8.85/lb

Bacon Cheddar $10.16/lb

Knackwurst $8.85/lb

Kielbassa $9.43/lb

Hot Dogs $5.00/package

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Specialty Items

Weaner Pigs:

Raise your own animal. Approximately 30-35lbs. Cost per weaner pig $85.00. Pick up at the farm only



BBQ pigs:

Create your own BBQ experience. Cost depends on the size of animal. Animal is BBQ ready when picked up. Available year round. Pick up at farm or Halifax Forum Farm Market.

Accept custom orders year round

Pick up at the farm or Halifax Forum Farm Market