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Beck Farm is a first and second family generation hog farm located in North Kingston, Nova Scotia. The operation has been in existence for 36 years producing all stages of swine. Currently, the farm is comprised of 700 sows. The sows are housed in large pens so as to allow them to move around freely. The sows are moved from the lower dry sow free stall barn to the farrowing barn when they are due to deliver their babies. The farm has recently started to mill their own feed on site. This is done by their son, Justin, who also grows the crops used as ingredients in the feed and purchases any other ingredients required from within the Atlantic Provinces.


Beck Farm have “Weaner Pigs” available for those people who have space to raise their own. These are available year round from the farm. The farm also provides market hogs for various butchers and facilities who sell the pork products through their local markets in the Annapolis Valley as well as the Halifax and Bridgetown areas.


“Free Ranged Pastured Pigs” have been a new addition to the operation in the last two years. These are raised outdoors in season. Ready to “Barbeque Pigs” of all sizes, as well as custom cuts, are available for purchase by pre-ordering.


The farm takes pride in the animals and how they are looked after, grown including the overall care and production of the sows and piglets. The breeding barn has larger stalls for the animals while they are being bred before they are moved to the dry sow barn. The dry sow barn allows the sows to move about freely as they are housed in very large pens.


The Beck Family is community minded volunteering in many aspects including 4-H programs as well as Hockey Nova Scotia. They believe in educating the upcoming generation in with respect to the agriculture industry in addition to giving back to their community. Terry, Heather and Justin continue to work towards improving the market and enhancing the hog industry in Nova Scotia.


Commencing this Spring, 2015, the Becks have partnered up with The Pork Shop, Specialty Market & Deli,, located in New Glasgow and Denmark, to do their processing, which they are presently selling at the new Farmers Market at the Halifax Forum every Saturday morning from 8:00am to 1:00pm. We look forward to providing our customers with Nova Scotia premium grown pork.